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Hello, I'm a proud new member of the JD family... I bought a STX 38, yellow deck, off craigslist. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm the type that likes to go for old quality over cheap and new with my budget. So my initial newbie question after a little test cut is... I have rows of visible cut grass on my lawn, I'm assuming because the cutting width is so large (I'm used to a 21 inch push). I guess I'm not "mulching" with the side discharge either, but is there a cutting strategy to keep moving it in one direction off to the road? I suppose I could just cut in one direction, but that would take me twice as long. Is there a way to mulch it to smaller pieces?

I know it seems like a silly question, but either raking or having piles of dead grass doesn't seem fun.

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Go to your local JD dealer to see if they have Gator blade for your 38inch on your STX.

Here are the Gator Blade Numbers that will fit your Deck

1. 96-309 Gator Mulcher 3 in 1 Hi-lift
2. 96-709 Gator Mulcher 3 in 1 Magnums
3. 396-709 Gator Mulcher G6
Those Numbers are Oregon's part numbers but they match up to the length of oem meduim lift blades(Deere Part Number M84472) for your STX38 Yellow Deck.

With the Gator Blades you can mulch your Grass with out getting a Mulch kit that would have a Mulch Plug. You will still have some clipping flying out as your mowing but no where near what you get now mowing with standard Blades.

Deere also manufactures Gator style Blade through another company that they own. I can't think of the name right now. But there just as Good as Gator Blades which is what the Dealer might have in stock instead of Gator Blades Look exactly like a Gator Blade but there Green.

Hope this Helps:thThumbsU

BTW Welcome to the Forum :MTF_wel:
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