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New SnowBoy owner....tomorrow

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A guy I work with knows I started loving LB's about 2 years ago. Since that, anytime somebody runs by one , or knows somebody that knows somebody that has one, lol, they call me or run it by me.......

It finally paid off. I have wanted a Snow Boy since I saw a vintage ad online. Seeing what you guys post, I have really wanted one. I went to work today, talked with our body shop guy who said he had good news for me.....his father-in-law had a SnowBoy he found at the curb about 80 miles from where I live.

He just called me and said he will part with it for $40. Brown, runs and in really good shape. I am guessing this is a 61 or 62.

Excited! I will post up pics tomorrow.!!!!!!!
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:wwp: :wwp: :ROF

Let's see it! I'm trying to wait patiently to get my promised Snowboy (1818) soon. Maybe I'll stop and check on it again if I ever get off work early.
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