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New SnowBoy owner....tomorrow

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A guy I work with knows I started loving LB's about 2 years ago. Since that, anytime somebody runs by one , or knows somebody that knows somebody that has one, lol, they call me or run it by me.......

It finally paid off. I have wanted a Snow Boy since I saw a vintage ad online. Seeing what you guys post, I have really wanted one. I went to work today, talked with our body shop guy who said he had good news for me.....his father-in-law had a SnowBoy he found at the curb about 80 miles from where I live.

He just called me and said he will part with it for $40. Brown, runs and in really good shape. I am guessing this is a 61 or 62.

Excited! I will post up pics tomorrow.!!!!!!!
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The snowboy that you have is a model SB-13 just like it says on the tag. This is a 1960 model and uses the C12AA engine. The on off switch work by rotating it left for the off position and right for the on position this allows you to start the snowboy in the on position and turn the engine off by rotating the switch to the off position. Also when you have the switch in the on position you can pull up on the black knob and when you have this out all the way this will be in the "full" choke position. Nice machine. I have several snowboys they are my favorite.
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