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New Ride

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Newest project, I think the vintage is 1969

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I like it especially with that Kohler K in it, can you get us a shot of the front? I believe I may have an original magazine ad for it.
Those are nice rugged tractors!..I have the cast iron front axle from one identical to that ,I used it on a homebuilt tractor I threw togther!..think I still have the driveshaft from it too..I found HALF of one in a friends back yard,he'd cut it in two with a torch to junk it !!..
I was like NOOOO!:eek:....too late..:(
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:goodl: and enjoy the project and give us plenty of pics. slkpk
Great pics !, looks like a great project tractor alright :fing32:
Nice machine! :thThumbsU

I love those hubcaps! :D
I haven't seen one of those before, but it has some really neat lines to give it an aggressive look.
I want one now never seen those before but looks nice looks like its built like a tank
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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