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New rear rims

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Went to pick up my new rims i had ordered this morning,one rim looked new but had some good size dents on the outer part.Was afraid it would not hold air,the other rim looked used and had scratches all over it.They reordered me some new ones.:dunno:
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I take it they didn't inspect the rims before they called you? Well, at least they ordered you another set which hopefully arrive in better shape!
Yeah Right,I paid new price... I expect new, pretty simple.But I have to say the guys that work at this John Deere are pretty nice guys. No grief just a simple I'll return them and order you some new ones. My lug tires should be here Wed. I wanted a set for summer mowing,and a set summer landscaping winter plowing. It's time to put some rear lights on the tractor now.
Well rims are Some of the few Parts they Can send Back to the warehouse Certain Parts the dealer is stuck with and He Has to Pay Deere within 8 months to a Year On If it were weed eater or Push mower Parts He would Be stuck with it and Have to eat the cost. I just waiting for You to get a tiller for It. Your Neighbors would Get a Big Kick Out of that wouldn't they:thThumbsU
I have a walk behind tiller that I bought back in September.I need some land!
I did buy all my parts for my rear light mod.
If I paid for new rims at my john deere dealer and they handed me rims that were so dented I was afraid they would not hold air that would be the last time I ever took that dealership seriously. Am I missing something?
5 miles vs 50 to the next dealership.And they always give me free stuff,but more importantly willing to make it right.
If you think they were usable, did you ever think about making a offer say @ half price because of their crumby condition.

I really got lucky last fall and bought a pair of 1 yr. old hardly used 26x12.00 JD rims for my X720 with Ags mounted on them for $90.00 a piece.

Filled them with w/w fluid, and they work great for winter snow blowing.
I thought about it for a split second but they were in pretty bad condition.One of the rims looked new, the other looked like it would hold air but would need to be powder coated.
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