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Rome wasn't built in a day!
This is a small setback, just a little blip of learning on the road to success.
Check out steering on boats; a wheel with a push-pull cable, or hydraulic lines.
Available stuff too.

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I have been able to find the parts that I need on ebay so while I'm waiting for them to arrive, I decided to go ahead and work on the brakes.
I'm going to use this old implement lever arm for my brake handle.


First thing is to take it all apart.


This lever was set up so that the plunger was always pushed down into one of the notches and the trigger on the handle had to be squeezed to lift it up so the lever arm could be moved.
Because this is going to operate the brakes, I want to change that so that the plunger is kept up so the lever arm moves freely without having to squeeze the trigger.

The lever arm is cut off to shorten it and a notch is milled into the end where the handle bolts on.


I'm going to fasted the handle onto the other side of the arm and the front of the handle fits into that notch.


The front part of the handle where the pivot pin went thru is trimmed off.
The center hole on the trigger where the lifting wire was attached is brazed shut and a hole for a shoulder bolt is drilled thru it.
I bent up a U-shape bracket to hold the trigger and drilled and tapped it for the shoulder bolt.


That U-shape bracket is welded to the underside of the handle.
The trigger is mounted in place and the handle is bolted onto the lever arm.
This will be the normal position of the trigger with it holding the plunger up.


Squeezing the trigger will push the plunger down.
This way, the lever arm can be pulled back freely to operate the brakes without having to squeeze the trigger.
To operate the parking brake, the lever arm is pulled back and the trigger is squeezed to push the plunger down into a notch.
The pressure of the return springs on the brakes should be enough to keep the plunger engaged into a notch.


The brake lever assembly is just leaning up against the gas tank but it gives you an idea of how it will look when finished.


Lindeman crawler fan
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Lindeman crawler fan
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These are the parts for the new locking pin assembly that I made up.
The end of the locking pin is machined to the same shape as the notches in the curved bar.
The original locking pin is shown below the new parts.


With the spring lifting up the locking pin instead of pushing it down, I needed to make a bracket for the base of the spring to attach to.


This bracket is brazed onto the lever.


This is how it looks with the lever assembled.
This is the normal position with the locking pin held up to clear the notched bar.


And with the locking pin pushed down into a notch.


I made up a steel plate that bolts onto the same place as the old levers did.


A piece of angle iron is machined to fit the notched bar and it is welded onto this plate.


This is then bolted onto the top of the transmission.


The notched bar is bolted to it.


And the brake lever is bolted in place.


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A crossbar with a center link rod is made up.


This will fasten to the brake lever arm.


Both of the brake control rods have to be shortened.
The bottom one is finished.


The brake control rods are then attached to the crossbar.


The crossbar is attached to the brake lever and the other end of the brake rods are attached back onto the brake levers in front of the gas tank.
This crossbar allows the same even pressure to be applied to both of the brakes.


This is the normal position of the brake lever.


And this is the position with the brake lever pulled back and locked into a notch for parking.

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Will be interesting to see how the new steering arrangement works with this. I know you have an idea by know.

Patiently waiting!
Sorry .. I thought I had explained that but looking back over my post, I see that I had not.
I intend to put a regular steering axle in the back. I got a front axle off an old Montgomery Ward garden tractor off ebay and it should be here on Monday.
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