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New Poll Garage 24x32

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Here is my build. Im not rich and I have a kid on the way so I kept is modist.
Its 24x32 with 10' ceilings, a 6/12 pitch roof with spread webing in the trusses for light future storage. The Doors are 9'w by 8't. Will have 6" concreat floor.
First I had to get the trees cleared (25), and 60 yards fill dirt to get it level out.
Crapy cell phone pics.

The 332 doing some work.

Before clearing any trees

Guys clearing

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The holes where dug on Tuesday, but in this nutty county the holes need to be inspected so the guys had to wait on that. Not very fun pictures and kind of hard to see where they are. Oh and yes I live on sand, not dirt!

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I had to be in work at 5 am. So I get this call at 6:30 that a big truck is at the house delivering lumber and metal. Early morning+pregnant wife+loud truck out side bedroom+barking dogs= nasty call to me complaining.
But here is what I came home to today.

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Nice building:thThumbsU.Did you get me one also???:sidelaugh
Holes have to be inspected here in Spotsy, VA as well. Keeps our building dept in jobs, I suppose.

That's not a bad days work. Who's your contractor? Licensed in Virginny as well?
Looking good! Won't be long till you've got it full and will need another one! One of my favorite theroms is: Stuff (I'm being polite here) accumulates to the amount of storage available!
Holes in my county in Washington State also have to inspected. When I had my pole building built we had to have the inspector out to check depth. Once the inspector was happy with them the guys went to town building my pole building.
If I had enough money I would have made it larger. It started as a 30x40. But because the wife wants a deck on the house and the driveway paved before winter I had to compromise. The contractor is out of Delaware and builds in Maryland. I don't think they would travel to Virginia. I'm sure in no time at all (the day after its finished) I wish I had more space, but I've learned to live with what I have. I’m lucky enough to have any garage at all since all of my projects to date have been built in that little 12x16 shed that you see there. All my tools, JD110, JD332, Motorcycle and bikes and such are in there now!:Stop:
Nice building! :thThumbsU Keep posting pics of the progress. Looks like you could add on in the future if the need arises. :trink39:
Metal should be done tomorrow, floor on monday, doors on Wednesday.

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Well at the minimum you have a covered dry area to work under! Will be looking forward to the final pictures, it's looking good! I have one about half that size and a second one that could slide through your door. But I have a full basement under the house that is all mine!!!!!!
Looks good so far :fing32:
Nice building. Are you over on the eastern shore?
Nice building. Are you over on the eastern shore?
Here is some updated pics.
The floor turned out great! So smooth my sneakers squeak and the dogs nails sound like they are going across a chalkboard.

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Sweet set up you got there... Are you planning on finishing the inside?
Borther and I are doing the electric work this weekend. Next week I'll start working on insulation. Need to get it already for winter.
Great garage. You can never have enough storage space.
Nice garage you will be very happy. Just finished mine in June. (30x40-10'6" ceiling)I lost my job a month befoe finishing mine. Will have to finish the inside as funds become available.
How much insulation are you putting in and are you going to heat it? You have a garage to be proud of. Show us more pictures as you finish the inside.:fing32:
Great building! Good luck with the baby I'm having #4 on Wed.!:fing32:
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