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I perusing Ebay this evening, I noticed that Cogan's has a new part available. Their description:

"The boys at Cogan Valley Machine are proud to introduce to you, for the first time, another new product added to its line of quality after market parts for the Gravely tractors.

Offered for your consideration,
a Swift-A-Matic Shift Lever Spring Guide Pin & Centering Washer for the Gravely 2 Wheeled Tractor.

Our guide pin is designed to replace the 1/4" X 3" long threaded eye bolt Gravely used to guide the spring at the 2 speed axel shift lever that holds the lever in either of the high or low speed shifted position. Gravely used standard hardware items where possible in their design. As with many things here in America, this eyebolt is no longer produced, therfore Gravely discontinued the part. At the last listing from Gravely, the list price was over $30. How rediculus is that for what might be a $.50 bolt back in the day when thousands were produced at a time.

Richard's Lawn & Garden of Spencer, WV. discovered this lack of availability earlier this year and asked if we could solve this problem. In as much as the threaded portion of the eyebolt was actually not needed, we designed a pin to work more smoothly without the thread. and added a centering washer to locate the pin though the mounting bracket. The same spring can be used with our pin design as with the eyebolt. The new pin is more like a 3/8" eyebolt size with a 1/4" toggle hole.

Offered here as a kit, supplied will be the pin, centering washer, spring, cotter pin and a standard 1/4" washer to enable you to rebuild your spring guide assembly."

I, for one, think that this is a great idea and I am strongly considering purchasing one. I have had, and continue to have, trouble out of the pin that they are replacing. My hi/lo shifter became so hard to deal with that I ended up removing the keeper nut from the end of this shaft to get the tractor to engage in hi range.

Any thoughts from you guys?
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