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New owner of very old tractor with little knowledge and huge aspirations!

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Hi! As said... I’m here cause I’m gonna need a community’s help to raise this ‘child’.
Using a ‘91 Roper lawn tractor as the base chassis of my art car. All goes well and I get it running, it’s destined for Burningman 2020! Please don’t wish me luck, open the flood gates of your expertise instead!
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Old tractor all my tractors are older then that. To get any help you need to provide lots of pictures of what you have and what you intend to build with it.
What it was to what I aspire to build.
1st problem (of many) Transaxle was seized in 2nd when I got it. Took it apart and cleaned it wirh varsol (disintegrated two pairs of gloves in the process) put it back together and used a gasket seal. Filled with Manila’s direction of sae30 (4qts) at 2, it started leaking out.
Guess I’m gonna have to drain it, re-open and clean again (with better gloves) and use what?? Grease? Cause my tears probably won’t work.


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Ok varsol = Varsol fluids are traditional solvents that are also known as mineral spirits or white spirits. You need to use rubber petroleum resistant gloves.
Did you use any type of cleaner to remove the varsol residue? Brake clean should work. Then air dry and reseal. Not all sealants are petroleum resistant and I think that was the problem. I would also replace the side seals if some how they were exposed to the varsol.
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