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I didn't get a hand crank with my M-H Pony. I would like to have the option to hand crank it, although I have installed a new 12 volt battery, new cables, and new GM alternator, and it starts fine. I have a restored 1921 Model T Ford that I can hand crank when I want to, so I know how to hand crank without getting my arm broken. The crank handle stays attached to the Model T, but disengaged, when not in use, so I can't use it on the tractor.
Can someone give me the correct dimensions of the crank handle for a M-H Pony, especially the "snout" that engages the crankshaft? The handle end I can figure out for myself, I just want to make sure it will engage and disengage properly.
Thanks for any help you can give.:thanku:
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