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New mowing deck!

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Last summer when I was mowing with my JD, the pulley assembly where it attaches to the deck cracked and broke through while I was mowing with it from old age since it was pretty rusted out. I put a want ad on Craigslist a couple of months ago. I was checking Ebay, but it would have costed a pretty penny to have one shipped, plus the cost of what you pay for it. I finally came across one in decent a few days ago. It's been difficult finding one that's actually in decent shape here in the rainy northwest. It seems most people just leave their machines uncovered and the rain certainly doesn't help the decks at all when exposed to it like that.

I primed the deck with rust preventative, painted everything with some yellow rustoleum that I brushed on, then painted the deck with some yellow paint. It's by no means what I'd call a restoration of the deck and not my best work, but it's a lot better than it was and I'm hoping this will help preserve the deck and make it last a long time. I also installed all new belts on it and serviced the tractor. Nice to use it for cutting again!

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I always liked the STX tractors they were very popular and they became the frame for the Sabre Lawn tractor until 2002 when the Sabre Lawn tractor was based on the Current L & LA series frames.
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