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New Motor or Rebuild?

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New to the forum. Recently bought pk 2414 with bad motor. Motor blew up and damaged cylinder wall below where the piston would travel. Left a small crack in the wall. Can't seem to find a pk k321 for anything I can afford around here soooo I guess my options are rebuild the motor I have or go with a k321 that does not have the pk "collar". What do you guys recommend? I don't really think the crack would bother but am a little worried about heat and not too worried about not having the collar but do not want to take out the clutch either. Consider any input a help. Thanks.
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First of all :MTF_wel2:

I would recommend rebuilding your motor with the parts you need. I would think you would want to keep the PK block so you can mount the clutch housing and have everything like original. That is the easiest fix out of this one. If you start changing to newer style engines then you get into alot of machine shop modification requirements and it never ends. The crack might not bother as most of the heat is above the piston anyway.
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