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Hello All,
Glad to join the group. I just picked up a J.D 314 and a Cub Cadet 1700 Hydro, They both need a little attention but I hope to find a snow thrower attachment for the 314 to start. If anyone can provide a decent used parts source for these models in the northeast, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Rob
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Rob, good to have you here with us and congrats on your newest acquisitions :).

Appears to be a place in Princeton NJ, you might check for parts on the older Cub here, did'nt see anything for the JD, but might be something in the surrounding states near you. As for ordinary maintenance parts on the JD, I recommend one of our advertisers here for that in and for the Cub Cadet there is , both fine folks to deal with :fing32:.
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Thanks for the info guys...

Update: The JD fired right up with a new battery, drives and steers good. It needs both rear motor mounts...should they be rivted back in? Not sure how long it's been sitting, seems to push some black smoke when I get heavy on the throttle. The mower deck is off and an idler pully is frozen. When I hit the PTO switch it puts quite a drag on the motor and wants to stall sometimes..normal?

Update: The Cub motor turned over and started with a work. The selenoid looks to be shot, as I had to cross it to get it cranking. Here's the worst so far...went to put it into any gear and it won't move.....rolls free, no noise, no sign of leaking fluid, shift linkage looks do I check the trans fluid? Yea, I to get a service manual.....but for starters, I just want to make sure it's worth fixing. Thanks, Rob
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