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Hi everyone, I am a new member to this forum and look forward to learning from you. I drive a dodge ram 1550 crew cab, have a small farm and use a 2009 Massey Ferguson Model 1532 with front end loader to maintain it.
I do have a question for anyone that can help.
I have changed my hydraulic fluid and main filter as per my manual. Now my loader/hydraulics are slow. They no longer work like that did before. Reading my manual, it states that no need to worry about bleeding the lines because these new models solve the air bubbles without bleeding the lines. There just seems to be no reason why the hydraulics are not working properly.
I only have the one main filter but I have been told that there may be other filters that are not mentioned in the manual. Does anyone know if there are more filters and if so, where are they located. Thank you for your assistance.
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Welcome Don! Glad you found us and jumped on board. You should be able to get the help needed to fix your loader so it performs correctly. Enjoy MTF!
Welcome to the Forum:MTF_wel: Look for a Moderator By the Name of Tudor He should be able to Help with Your Loader Issues
Thank you.
Here is my problem. I have a 2009 MF 1532 and my hydraulics are not working properly. Ever since I changed the fluid and filter, it has been slow. I did not bleed the lines because the manual states there is not need on this model, it gets rite of the air bubbles itself. The lines are fine.
I was told that there might be other small filters inside of the system that is not listed in the manual. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, where are they located? Thanks
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Welcome, Don. I moved your question to the Massey Ferguson forum. You will probably get more replies here.
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