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Hey all, I’m Jeff, 35y/o and I live in Moline Illinois, on a flood plain (hooray). Our mower recently snapped a rod (second time, Deere L111, 520ish hours bought last year from a buddy’s buddy) so I’m done with that one. Prior to that we had a craftsman 26hp and that lasted over a decade. My moms an old farm girl(74y/o now) started driving tractors I believe at age 8. She started with the old manual crank in the front. Grandpa told her if she can start it, she could drive it. So she cranked it morning noon and night until she built the strength to crank the engine haha. I grew up riding on the hood while she mowed (used to have square metal hoods back then). Maybe my memory sucks, but I remember mowers being tougher? Gas can left outside in the rain? Throw’er in. Getting low on oil, rummage through garage and find oil. 5w-15? 10w-30? Whatever, throw’er in. Mowers with 14-18hp that cut clean, and didn’t die. Tall grass? big snakes? small children? small trees? sticks bricks cinderblocks? Who cares, keep it in 2nd gear and mow’em down.
I created this account mainly to surf through information and maybe get advice/knowledge about John Deere lawn tractors since we have a lot of Deere stuff nearby (although the more I research they are becoming less attractive honestly) and perhaps other brands.
Sorry for the long post lol
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