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New member with 1986 Snapper RER

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Hello all. I tried to post in the Snapper forum but I guess I have to start here.
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Welcome Travis you should be ok to post in the snapper forum now, good to have you aboard with us and enjoy the forums :).
Welcome Travis!
You're among friends !:MTF_wel:
Thanks very much! I have really enjoyed looking around the site. it's awesome. While I live in suburbia now, I truly hope to have a small farm home someday and park a serious tractor next to my aging Snapper!

Kind Regards,
Welcome Welcome! I have 1 1986 Snapepr myself. Is your paint turning brown? lol

Yes the paint was becoming a reddish brown. I recently repainted it in something very close to the original color after carefully Masking all of the original decals. It looks pretty good now.

Welcome to the forum and that is a nice RER you got there.

mower looks great, stickers just right-make sure you have a vent on your gas cap so water does not get in there and if you tip it up on its back end the fuel wont leak.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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