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New Member too

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I joined to help myself save some $$ on repairs for my John Deere 210, that I only use as a snow blower. It has a cab, which helps a bit, and the blower attachment is great. My problem is that I can't afford to send it to the shop, nor have the ability, since I only have a
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Busted tractors are the reason many of us wandered through cyber-space and came upon MTF!!

Post a detailed thread in the JD forum and help will be supplied:
I guess I'm lost on here too. I tried a new thread, and it says I'm not authorized. :banghead3
:MTF_wel2:,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the John Deere forums.It does take a bit for you to be able to post:thThumbsU
:MTF_wel2: from Western WI!
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