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Hello and welcome from sunny Florida. Although I'm a hit & miss engine collector we,ve got a few tractors in the barn as well. I was raised on Oliver equipment learning to drive a full dress 770 orchard that my grandpa bought new in 1958. That tractor currently sits in my barn next to the 550 diesel and 1800 series B diesels that were purchased soon after. Ive also got the 1932 Case CO narrow guage my great grandad bought new. Also own a 1919 IHC 10-20 Titan, 18-36 Hart Parr. 1936 F12, 1948 Farmall Cub, 1960 Cub Cadet Original, 70 and 1000. I taught Voc Agriculture?FFA advisor at my hometown high school for 22 years and currently am a Dean at the new high school in town. Look forward to speaking with you guys on the forum and maybe someday I can send some help your way. Thanks


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Preston :Welcome1: From Western Maryland--You will in joy this forum
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