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So about myself:

I'm Andy, a 24 year old Mechanical Engineering Tech, I work as a designer/drafter & also run my own machine, welding & custom fabrication shop. I've been building this as long as I can remember & all my projects came to a halt when I needed somethign welded or machined. Since then I've spent years gathering equipment and knowledge to finish my own projects. Knowing there had to be people out there like msyelf who just needed help with their home project I started "Left Field Engineering" a small machine fabrication shop for the average guy. I specialize in custom one off parts & existing part modification.

As a matter of fact only of my first full blown custom projects was a retrofit of an old rear engine lawn mower into a off road toy / yard machine. With a fully locked rear end, snow blower tires & some re-gearing this little thing has pulled cars up hill, towed 10x its weight, hauled 400 lb of stone on its own 2'x2' bed, and plowed my 100' driveway with its custom 52" plow.

After building that I relized that a 2 person vechicle with suspension would be more suited to have fun in the woods so I (with the help of a few friends from college) built the Doom Buggy, a tube chassis, 750cc motor cycle motor powered 2 sated full suspension buggy.


Also check out my website:

My current project & what lead me to this awesome site is a 2004 Craftsman DYT4000 with a blown 24 hp Intek.