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New member introduction - hi folks!

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Hi folks, I'm excited to join your wonderful forum!

I bought a 5 acre property last Fall and have been educating myself on tractors! As you can imagine it can be overwhelming, so I really appreciate your wonderful forum.

I'll be clearing some areas for fire risk mitigation and general beautification. My current need is to mow some large (~2 acres) grassy/weed areas. No lawn.

I'm in California in the Sierra foothills and really excited about this next chapter in life. We're growing our own food, processing our own firewood, etc. I love to work on small engines, motorcycles, and cars, so this foray into tractors is a natural next step! I hope to be sharing helpful information in the future, not just "taking." :)

Nice to meet you all!
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Nice to have you and congrats on your new homestead! Sounds like a pretty area. Yes, California has some regulations regarding the clearing of brush for fire season. Let us know how we can help out in the open forum!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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