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New Member Greetings and question

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Hello all, I just found this site and have been reading some posts, I will probably be looking for answers and opinions in the future.
I currently have a MF 1200 as my daily mower ;-) . I recently picked up a MF 1655 as well. The 1655 came with the original 16 hp Onan, but currently has an 18 hp Onan installed. What I'm looking for first off is an exhaust. Neither engine has one, and I am wondering if I need an MF specific exhaust or if I can fit in one from another brand which used the same engine?
My plan with the 1655 is to get everything up and running, then tear it down and clean and repaint everything. I will be keeping a photo journal of the job, so I will be sure to post pics as I get going.
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Welcome. Glad you joined us.

Great to have you here. Lots of Massy owners with lots of good advice here too.
Would be easier with an OE exhaust, but any for an Onan that exhaust towards the front would do. I think the JD318 or 316 have basically the same exhaust system & would be easier to locate than looking for a Massey specific unit.
Welcome to the forum. I had to replace the muffler on my 1855 about 8-9 yrs ago, it was still available then-$140! As olcowhand said, some of the JD's used the Onan engines and most parts are still available for them. I had to go to the JD dealer for a new regulator/rectifier.
Thanks for the help everyone, I'm sure I'm going to have more questions as I go, it's great to know there are so many other people to ask for help/ ideas/ a good lecture now and then. :)
Welcome to the forum.
So, you're in Ontario, and just picked up a 1655.
I'm pretty sure that's the one I've been looking for and never found.
Way to go.
Next thing you need to do is post pics.
Did you get any attachments with it?
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Welcome, we have a great gang here. Glad you joined!
:wwp: :wwp: :wwp: :thanku:

:MTF_wel2: :MTF_wel: SideshowRob!

You're in good hands here!

When you get a chance, swing by the Introductions forum and give us a proper Howdy!

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Hi Rob

Welcome to the forum. Nice to see another Simpsons fan on here.

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