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New member from Virginia

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Hello All,

I'm a retired chief maintenance engineer from Virginia. I love to tinker with old equipment. Right now that includes a 1953 Ferguson TO30 that is undergoing a little restoration so we can have a big "victory" garden this coming spring.

Anyway, I was at a local farm helping the farm manager get his 1969 Chevy truck tuned up and he said "Do you know anyone who needs an old tiller"? "If not its going to the scrapyard"! Just about fell over when he showed me an old Troy Bilt Horse!!! I jumped on it real quick. Looks in great shape except for a flat tire and the Kohler K161 retractable starter needs work. It's a 1980 model according to the serial number and the starter has an aluminum housing that the screws go through rather than having "wings" to bolt through, if that makes sense. Looking for a parts breakdown for it.

Looks like a fun forum and I look forward to participating!
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Greetings & welcome from southern Md.

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