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Hi everyone.Wow what a great site.I just bought a Ford Lt 110 1980 with a Bridggs and Stratton engin 11HP. Right now i did stripped the paint, and doing a motor job(was smoking).Does someone knows where i can get a manual on PDF.I want to know what size belts goes on for the deck mower.Will send some pic as soon as i learn how to send them.Take care everyone. Tom:trink40:

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Welcome to the forum Tom. I can't help you with a manual, but I am sure that someone here can point you in the right direction.

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Hi Tom, Welcome to MTF!
I didn't find a free manual but did find a place to buy it.
Hope this helps.

Ford LT110 tractor specifications
Wheelbase: 42-1/2" (1079.5mm)
Width - Overall - Wide base tires 31-3/4" (806mm)
Length - Overall 57-3/4" (1467mm)

To steering wheel: 37" (940mm)
To hood: 31-1/4" (794mm)
To backrest: 28-1/2" (728mm)

Ground clearance:
To front axle:7" (178mm)
To transmission: 5-1/2" (140mm)
To frame: 11" (279mm)
Turning radius: 32" (813mm)

3 speed transmission gear ratios:
1st gear, total: 26.6:1
2nd gear, total: 13.6:1
3rd gear, total: 9.1:1
Reverse: 19.5:1

3 speed transmission m.p.h:
(Ground speed at 3300 engine rpm)
1st gear: 1.84 mph (2.96 kph)
2nd gear: 3.45 mph (5.55 kph)
3rd gear: 5.50 mph (8.55 kph)
Reverse: 2.50 mph (4.02 kph)
Note: Above speeds will be lower under heavy load conditions.

Engine to transaxle reduction: 3.2:1

Front: 13X5.00-6; 2 ply tubeless, 13" dia. (330mm)
Rear: 18X9.50-8; 2,4 ply tubeless, 18" dia. (457mm)

Electric start (B&S 191707)
Flywheel magneto ignition - Includes 12 volt electric bendix drive starter and flywheel alternator, battery, starter switch, and wiring.

Model: Briggs & Stratton No. 252707
Horsepower: 11.0
Type: 4 cycle - Single cylinder, Air cooled
Oil capacity: 39 ounces (1.15 liters)
Fuel capacity: 1 gallon (3.78 liters)
Air cleaner: Polyurethane
Governor: Mechanical

Traction clutch:
V-belt idler clutch - Coupled with brake pedal. Clutch is automatically disengaged when the brake pedal is depressed. Mechanism for parking brake is provided.
Rear wheels only. Caliper brake engages the transaxle pinion shaft.
Gear-segment type, with 5.6:1 gear reduction.
Rear, fixed type for easy coupling of implements.
Lift handle:
6 positions; transport and 5 working positions.
Seat and fender:
Vinyl covered; cushioned on seat and backrest with foam rubber. Steel fenders are supplied as standard equipment.
A seat safety switch system will stop the engine if the operator leaves the seat while the P.T.O. clutch lever is engaged.
Misc. information:
This tractor is referred to as either model 09JC3156 or 53156.


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