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Greetings from northeast Ohio. Recently joined MTF because I enjoyed reading the informative posts. I bought my first John Deere tractor (riding mower) this past April, used from a JD dealer. It's a 445, made in 1993 and it only had 790 hours. It worked flawlessly until late September, then I noticed it was over heating. Turned out it was the water pump; but when my favorite mechanic looked further, they noticed it had a nylon gear on the cam shaft, and recommended that it be replaced (JD wanted $1000).... my guy did it for $600.
But before I got it back he noticed that the tractor just wasn't running right.... the fuel mixture was too rich. He eliminated just about everything except the fuel injector module (cost of that from JD was $1100). So now I've spent a little more than $2000, and thinking: "Well at least I'll have nothing else to worry about".... boy was I wrong. Got it back just before the snow came, and noticed it was leaking fluid from the right side of the trans axle. Now it's back in the shop, for more repairs.
I guess the good news is I still have my 1974 Cub Cadet (Model 169), which I almost sold when I got the JD 445. So at least I'm able to plow my driveway.
Makes me think I might need to change my handle on this forum if this continues.

Signing out,

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:MTF_wel2:,we are glad you are here.Don't forget to Check out the John Deere forums.We have a lot of JD people here.:thThumbsU
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