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New Member from Aurora IL

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Hello I am a man of many interest, #1 The Green fever has taken over the last couple of years. :thSick:
#2 Chevy Truck's is second on the list :fing32:
#3 My garage is third.
#4 WebMaster
I will post some pictures for those interested and more to come, I am hoping to learn about my Deere's here, my 112 seems to be the one I need the most info for.
I love taking pictures of the projects I do for my forum I own and would love to share them here as well.
I also live in Aurora IL, which is about 35 miles west of Chicago.
Thanks for having this place.


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Welcome Mark, good to have you with us and :thanku: for the pics, nice looking JD's you got there as well as the truck :fing32:.
:MTF_wel2: Nice herd you have there.
Thanks guy's I am loving my new X730 it's a dream come true!! :tango_face_grin: from my 24 year old J.D. 320 I bought brand new and still
has less than 400 hours on it. But 24 years is a long time to wait for a new John Deere. Traded-in my 27 year old 265 with 1435 hours on it for
the X730 so won't be crying over that. :tango_face_wink: Not really a new member since this post is from 2010 just have not posted
much but I will be changing that. Thanks so much for having me.
RagenRat / Mark


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