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Hi yall.

New to site. Just got through rebuilding deck and tune up, thought I would add myself to this universe. I was glad to see that Sears had re-continued to stock the deck. i had given up hope then wahlah, it was avail.

New Deck, All New Spindles, Blades, Belts, Seat Cover, Few odds and end parts.
Now I find that the muffler is also discontinued and that is probably me next issue. This one is a 96. I have been using it year round and throwing it heavy duty pulling, mowing 2 acres, kids ride it for fun all the time. What would I do without this machine. I am up for the PGT9500 when they give us a consumer friendly price tag. I have been shopping sears tractors for over two years, every time I sit on the recent models I feel like I am on a tin can. The PGT 9500 is the closest thing to my GT 6000 as far as kick it and it does not flinch factor. My suggestion to sears is give us back the manual deck adjust bar arm that can be manipulated on the fly and is easy to repair, drop the power steering, ( do i look that lazy?), and price this baby at 4500. SOLD!! PS, Need more deck options. I don't have an airplane hanger, 44-48? 54 Just to darn big. BTW Sears if your reading this. Bring back the Grey. At 90 degrees in the summer, the tractor is going to melt. At least the seat is yellow. :congrats::congrats:
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Glad you joined!
:wwp: If you need easy Picture help
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Welcome to the forum, and you have a nice looking GT 6000.

The link below is to the hitch I talked about in the recent email. Never used one but it looks nice. l3ZA9RtaaGpcZBI3J+GFPxEpfXl/qeDnGZ2FGtrs
Welcome! You will love it on this forum!
:MTF_wel: I have a 95 GT6000 just like yours! Where are you in NY?
Lower Dutchess Near Carmel
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to MTF! I own a GT6K and it has never failed me. I hope your GT6000 serves you well.
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