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New in town

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Name is David from Oregon and just found this place looking for tractor info. My current fleet is listed with any plans for each.
1935 Allis-Chalmers model B. - partial restore for mechanical but not cosmetics.

1969 - Sears Custom 7 with plow. - full restoration.

2012 John Deere d130 - just my mower.

2018 - Kubota L3901 - my work horse.

I am mostly looking for information and parts for the Chalmers and the Sears. I inherited both from my grandfather and don’t know much about them. The Sears was the very first motorized vehicle I drove in life and want to get it fully restored as it sat in a shed for about 20 years and needs a lot of work.
The Chalmers was one of many projects my grandfather worked on and has an original sickle bar cutter on it. It runs and cuts well but leaks gas and oil along with bad tires and brakes.

Look forward to getting to know some folks and talking tractors!

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Welcome David!! You'll find alot of good info here. Searching is probably the best or posting a specific thread what you're looking for. I know some here love them old Sears tractors!

Good to have you here!
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