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New in Florida

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I bought a 20 acre place 30 miles south of the space center.
With it, I inherited a non-running IMT (Yugoslavian) 55 hp
tractor that now runs like a champ. The factory was bombed
during the Bosnian war, so replacement parts are hard to find.
It's a licensed copy of some kind of Massey but everything is metric
and they seemed to change things from year to year so even if
I find a part, it's a 50/50 proposition that it will fit. If possible,
I fabricate my own parts. The local hydraulic shop hates me.
Other implements left were a 6 ft. box blade and a 6 ft. Howse
mower that was kept in a garage but I left it outside and the
deck rusted from the underside within 6 years. It now has 3/4"
plywood wooden deck (fingers crossed).
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:MTF_wel2: asic_ace :howdy:

Wooden deck? How much Duck tape on it??

Just kiddin ya.. :sorry1:

Pictures of this beast would be a pleasure to check out! :wwp::trink39:​
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Well, the deck is coming off soon but I'll try to get some pictures first.
I bent the front angle iron on a 3" pine so it needs to be replaced. I
should have raised the mower before I ran over it. This mower has been
through **** and I'm pretty impressed, since it's the "standard" duty one.
When I first mowed the place I noticed an old riding mower frame in a clump
of palms. So I got off and cleaned it up; it was an ancient square frame
made of angle iron. When I mowed through the area, the mower "discovered"
the engine block (aluminum) which bounced around for a few times and finally
blew out the left rear corner. It really put my blood pressure through a stress
test. But it worked out because, previously, the grass would clump up and I'd
have to periodically lift the mower to empty it. The engine block put a nice
"V" notch in the left rear corner of the mower, which served as an exhaust
chute. No more clogging and I found that if I mowed counterclockwise, I
had no more debris rows. And when I inspected the blades, they still looked
perfect. These are awesome blades. I lost a gearbox when the rear cover
bolts worked loose and the oil drained out. Other than that, it's just rust and
more rust.

I'm going to repair this one but I need to mow now while my Bahia grass is
dormant so I can spot the weed grasses coming up. In Florida, anything green
after one or two hard freezes is a weed. Roundup takes weeks to work in the
winter (a 3x dose) but it's the best time to do cleanup work.

So I'm looking into a new mower and would like suggestions. Hmm, I should
make a new post for that. I'm a new member and need to wait a bit before I
can start a thread.

I barely know how to use my wife's camera. I would appreciate some bonehead
instructions on how to post photos to this site.

-- Ace
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:MTF_wel2:Ace,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the forums.:thThumbsU
:MTF_wel2: asic_ace :howdy:

Wooden deck? How much Duck tape on it??

Just kiddin ya.. :sorry1:

Pictures of this beast would be a pleasure to check out! :wwp::trink39:​
I've started a new thread on it here

It's down but not out. As on the "$5 million man", I can rebuild it.
Just in case, I bought a new one.:thThumbsU

-- Ace
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:Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
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