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New holland tc30 no start

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New battery, new cables, new starter motor, new solenoid on starter motor and still starts when it wants to which is not often. If I bypass all that and jump across solenoid with a screw driver sparks fly and the starter spins but doesn’t throw out the gear to hit the flywheel. If I keep at it sometimes it will go ahead and come out and hit the flywheel and start up immediately. Have a new neutral safety switch to install but I figured it won’t help since the screw driver method bypasses all safeties i think. Any ideas appreciated.
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There were a couple of issues with the TC30 a few years ago. Not sure what model year you have but the two things are a bad connection on the negative wire that goes from the battery to the framework and there was an improperly sized fuse going to the starter. I don't remember the details of the fuse but if you dig back in the previous threads you may be able to find some information.
Ok maybe I will grind a shiny spot under ground cable on block and see if that works. Fuses are all good right now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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