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New Holland TC 30 issues- need help

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Hey there, I have a New Holland TC 30 2003. Works Great until I put it in gear or take the brake off- as soon as I do this the tractor cuts off. Any suggestions?
I have had it serviced twice- they replaced plugs/wires thinking it was shorting out.
NOTE: Sometimes it works for 2 days then BAM it starts the "cutting off process"- sometimes 2 weeks, but it always goes back to the same cutting off when put in gear or the brake is released. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:
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What do you mean when you say the plugs and wires? As that is a diesel. Maybe connectors and wiring for the safety switches?
It sounds like the seat switch is causing the problem as most interlock systems require a the seat switch to be engaged in order for the motion control and probably the parking brake to be activated/ released.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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