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New Holland T4.75 questions

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I am looking at a number of utility tractors and I'm somewhat impressed with the new T4.75 Powerstar. I'm looking at a 4wd, loader and cab version. Do the AC vents on the front pedestal provide adequate cooling on a hot humid day, and do you have to run the fan on the higher settings... noise? I have a Cab tractor with vents in the cab ceiling and they blow cold air directly on my head. This arrangement is effective even at the lowest fan setting. I also listen to radio quite a bit in the cab and was wondering if the speakers are good enough quality for "voice". Also do you have to remove the loader to perform fuel system or general engine maintenance?. It seems rather tight in and around the fuel filters and primer. Thanks
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I bought a new NH T4.75 4wd with cab last July/Aug somewhere along there, I've got about 120 hrs on it. AC works great, its got plenty of vents that you can open or close and I've worked the tractor on some 90+ degree days and only had to run the AC fan on 2 and its very quite and can hear the radio very well with no problems. I've changed the engine oil and filter and its no problem but I have not fooled with any of the fuel system yet. I'm very happy with the tractor so far!
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Thanks NGA.Mule
Did you get an economy PTO? I was wondering if the rather low (1592 RPMs) E-PTO is a problem for ..implements such as round balers and disk Mower/conditioners. Just curious..
No mines not economy PTO but I wouldn't think there would be any problems with one, I'd say NH put it through lots of testing before putting it on the market.
What transmission does your T4.75 have? Did you buy the NH loader with it?? What do you use it for? I'm looking to use mine haying (mow/rake/bale and bale removal) Does the PTO engage smoothly or does it "clunk" in...thanks
I got the 12 x 12 Synchro shuttle transmission (push button 4wd) with the optional high-speed transport, 25-mph top travel speed. Yes, bought it with the NH loader and the PTO engages smooth. I use mine mostly for mowing, plowing and loader work. Heres a picture of it.


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