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New Holland S8 Model Year Question

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I have an opportunity to purchase a new Holland S8. I asked the owner about the model# and he said it's an S8 with 298905 as the serial#. Does anyone know what year this is and can someone point me to a parts/owner manual please. Thanks.
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I bought the S8 New Holland Tractor. It does run but the ignition switch has been removed and a push button starter was added. My son and I want to restore it. It came with the snowblower, weight box, mower deck, and chains.

The only thing, other than the ignition, that should be fixed is the right front wheel has a lot of play in it and leans one direction. The tie rod(I think) to this wheel has several zip ties on it where it attaches to the steering. Have not had a lot of time to look at this yet though. Other than that it runs, does not appear to burn oil, and drives. Mower deck needs to be put back together. Looks like the main pulley that powers the deck needs a new bearing.

I tried several links on google. All of them led to dead ends, "model not found", or some obsecure website that wanted to install software, which I did not click on.

If you have a link or know of somewhere where I could get an owners and/or parts manual. I would appreciate it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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