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New Here

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Hello everyone,

New guy here in Central Pennsylvania with a few questions. First off, pretty cool website even though I"m trying to figure everything out. I figure I would give a quick rundown of the equipment I have.

1995 bolens by troy built gtx 20 with snow blower.

and my main question I guess. My neighbor has a 1998 Gravely 16G professional with 512 hours, snowblower, plow and 50" mowing deck. Its in really good shape. What is something like this worth? I am not interested in it but could possibly pass the location on to someone.
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Welcome to MTF, enjoy the forums. :Welcome1:

Go here Gravely - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information and start a new thread with your questions on the Gravely. :fing32:
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