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My name is Mike, my brother and I are heavy into collecting and restoring Bolens tractors. My brother (everyone knows him as bolens_kid) and I have 8 Bolens. Our father has two. I have a perfectly restored HT23 with power steering and a Johnson 14 loader. The loader is not restored yet, but will be shortly. I also have a locking 18086 3 point hitch on the tractor. I also own another HT23 with manual steering. This one is all original, for now... This tractor I am usually running the 54" mower deck on and in the winter it will be the 2 stage snowblower. I am also part owner iwht my brother on our HT23 parts machine, and another HT20 with a loader, bad hydro in that tractor though. My brother is always on here, so decided I should make an account. Here are some pictures of my brother's 1886 and my restored HT23 with the loader at the recent Eliot Tractor Show!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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