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new guy

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hi, my name is chris. just bought a cub 1450 and used it for first time today to do the snow. worked pretty good. glad to be on this site. :fing32:
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Welcome to the forum Chris!
Cool, I just joined the forum as well, I have a OLD Cub Cadet 125, yes it still is running, I cut the grass, use the sweeper to pickup the grass, and use the tiller to till up the garden, works great still. My father bought it when I was 7 years old, and he died, so I got it.
Greetings Chris & welcome from southern Md.

Chris, Welcome to the forum and good luck with the Cub. :howdy:
since im new to site i want to follow rules. can someone tell me where to ask questions about help and where to ask about buying parts. thanks
What do you need parts and help for?
looking for gas cap, rear tail lights, wing bolts plug wire for my cub 1450
help on how to get my snow thrower to raise higher off ground and also any diagrams on how to build a snow cab
:MTF_wel2:Chris,we are glad you are here.Check out the forums.You can find all sorts of things here.:thThumbsU
:Welcome1: Chris, from western WI! :howdy
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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