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Hi All,

Long time viewer and finally joining. This is a good resource for DIYers like me so thank you for the wealth of information.

I am a part time rancher that has to keep a full time job to pay for my ranching hobbies <grin>. I love tractors and own a few at the moment but have had many in my lifetime (I'm an old guy).

Like many of you I grew up with an old 8N Ford tractor so I have a special fondness for them. At the moment I own one project 8N. I also have and use an International 544 gas that I use to bale hay, a Ford 3000 diesel for raking hay and other hay chores, a Kubota L345DT that is a workhorse on the ranch, a Kubota M4500DT that I picked up as a project (broken crankshaft) and am in the process of rebuilding, and a HydraMac 12C skidsteer. I gotta say I had no idea how handy a skidsteer could be but I use the heck out of that little skidsteer!

Not sure what else to say. I'm a pretty good mechanic and love to fix stuff. Also a carpenter, welder, and train horses.
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