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New Guy Says Hello (with pics)

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I've been lurking around here and wanted to say hello. I'm originally from Westmoreland County, PA and now live in Centre County. I see that there are a lot of PA folks on here, so please feel free to let me know where you are from in PA in a PM or otherwise. Anyhow, I moved from a townhouse to a single family home this summer. I was in landscaping an golf course work for over 10 years before switching careers and I've run everything from a flymow to a Toro 580-D. So this year I started off with one mower in July and was up to three by November! And on top of that a Cub Cadet 782 is on the way!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share what I have in the shed right now. Starting on the right ironically is the newest mower but the one I have owned the longest, a Lawn Boy 10323. I found this in a Lowes one fall; it had some sort of fuel tank update due to a recall but otherwise it was brand new. I paid the $150 clearance price for it and ran! Since then it mowed my parents 1500 sq ft yard for a few years before being loaned out to a friend. It took a little abuse over the past year or so and needs a little tidying up to get it back into shape.

The Toro GTS is probably the most sentimental mower for me. I inherited the exact same mower from my grandfather. It made me a nice amount of money during high school and got a good amount of use. By the time I went to college it was showing a bit of wear but was still running. However, the parents opinion differed with mine and it went to the curb while I was at school. However, much to my surprise I found this one on Craigslist. It has a small hole in the deck but otherwise runs great. The back wheels still look pretty good, so I'm guessing it hasn't seen too much use. The PO must have found it in the trash or traded something for it as he didin't know the history fon it. Anyhow, $40 and I had anther mower.

The Lawn Boy Gold Series was the mower I always wanted. We had a couple of LB's before the Dura Force showed up, but I always like the late F-engined LB's. With the aluminum deck and 3-speed tranny this mower is tough to beat. It was another CL find. The PO said he had trouble starting it. The zone was making poor contact and not allowing spark. Even after a quick bend of the spring it fired right up. The wheels are a little loose so it's seen some use but otherwise it's in good shape. For $30 I'm pretty happy.

As others find their way here I'll post more pics. I have a 60's yellow LB and an '81 in storage that will make their way to their new home. I'm also keeping an eye out for a Deere 14SB, a Toro with a 2-cycle Suzuki and any other LB that strikes my fancy. My neighbors already know I'm crazy so there's no need for keeping up appearances now!


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Welcome to MTF and nice mowers! :)

It was fun to read the story behind each of them and see the photo of your line-up as well.
Hello, Lars! It seems we grew up in the same area. I'm from Beaver County. There are a lot of guys from PA here. If you need parts or help with any of the mowers, feel free to ask. I have a few of those Gold Series right now. I want to see pictures of the old 60's Lawn Boy you have. Those are my favorite. I have an '88 Toro Suzuki 2-cycle that would be a good fixer-upper if you are interested.
:Welcome1: lars! :howdy::MTF_wel2:

Now that, folks, is a great introduction! :thThumbsU

There are a lot of LB lovers int he forum but the LB bug just hasn't bitten me..

Enjoy MTF and visit often!:trink39:

Here's a thread for ya to show off your place a little more:
I'm also keeping an eye out for a Deere 14SB, a Toro with a 2-cycle Suzuki and any other LB that strikes my fancy.
I have a Deere with a 2 cycle briggs that i think is a 14SB. I also have at least a half dozen Toro 2 cycle suzukies. I am willing to sell and ship.
Welcome Lars I live in Westmoreland County and there are (as already mentioned) a bunch of us Western PA folks on here. NIckzom is another and TimberWolf and well as JimBird that come to mind. I have a few 2 cycle suzki toro commercials and one residential (that is for sale) and is MINT. Also a nice collection of lawnboys, 2 cycle yard equipment and anything that usually requires mixing gas and oil.

We may have to do a Western PA swap meet one day !!
Welcome to the forum. Some nice machines you have. Soon you will have 20 plus.....
Thanks for the welcome. I'd say between the great pics and good taste in mowers it's a pretty good place to hang out.
Used to live in Westmorland co. Lived there for two yrs. then moved back home to ks!

Lived in a town called Hermanie. South of Irwin a bit. Just west of a high school. Can't remember which one now as its been 5 yrs. it was on lowber road

I too have one of the F Gold Series with the 3 speed trans., it really takes a beating and never skips a beat!......Looking forward to the pic. Of the 60's LB!

Hello fellow Pa member. I am over in Lancaster County.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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