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New Guy Introduction/Pictures

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Here are the pictures I said I'd put on, 2003 x475 aws with 186 hours. Let me know if there are any others out there with a x475, just wondering how they do? This tractor is new me.:dancingpa


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Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the pics of your tractor and snow blower. It looks in great shape and well configured for snow clearing.

When you get a chance check out this poll thread
:MTF_wel: Randy. Nice setup you have there and everything looks to be in great condition. Enjoy using it when you get snow. :fing32:
Very nice looking rig!:fing32: Welcome to the forum.
Randy, Welcome and that's a great looking X475. Thanks for the pics. :trink39::trink39:
Welcome Randy!
:howdy:Welcome to the forum Randy! Thats a superlooking X475; are you wishing for some snow to blow with it?:fing32:
Welcome to the forum Randy. A video of that monster in action during the first snowstorm is mandatory :Welcome1:
:MTF_wel: Randy. Great looking X475 you have there. Enjoy the ride.
Your tractor will handle snow any just about anything you can think of. While I don't Have a X475 I do have a X485 and Just to show you how versatile your X475 can be

and if you think you can't use a 45 loader on your AWS it can be done very easily:thThumbsU
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Nice Tractor you got there.:greendr::thThumbsU
Randy, nice GT and snowblower. Many members on here with the x475 and they love the capabilities of it.
Poeny, how do you like your chute mod? Should I do it to my 47 blower?
I think you and the X475 will get along just fine!!! Enjoy and Welcome to MTF!!
Thanks for all the awesome comments!!!!! This forum is GREAT!!!!!
Poeny, how do you like your chute mod? Should I do it to my 47 blower?
It was great last year and should be better this year and for ever but I will need some snow to really test the updates. No snow so far this year here...

I guess the value of the modification depends on your property and how you blow the snow.

Let me know if you have any questions but please post them in that thread to keep it all together.
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Welcome, and :thanku: for the pics of your nice machine. My brain wants to tell me there would be a huge learning curve with an AWS, especially while blowing snow. But those who have them love them, so I'm pretty sure, it's just me. :D

:MTF_wel: and enjoy that fine looking X. slkpk
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