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New guy in the yard, Alberta, Can

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Hey guys I found this site trying to find some info about a FF20. I have not purchased it yet but am sure interested after seeing some of the tractors in this forum. I have a Craftsman LTS1500 for my yard mower right now but am always looking to expand.


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Welcome to MTF, enjoy the forums. :Welcome1:
Welcome to MTF!! See you around.
Welcome to the forums ! That craftsman being hoisted looks very familiar :)

:howdy: Welcome aboard. Come for the info and help, stay for the camaraderie.:MTF_wel2:
PS: :wwp:

I recommend all new members read The Getting Started Forum while they wait for the site to finish the validation process. During the validation time you may also wish to browse around the site and find the forum(s) which seem to best fit your area of interest.

Again, :Welcome1: and enjoy our forum!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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