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New guy here from MD

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Hello all- Pat D. here from the unusually warm for December state of Maryland. Been perusing the forum for over a year picking up info and admiring the restored stuff. I'm custodian of a 1456 tube frame with a snow blade that came from a relative of a relative. Nice tractor, just very well worn(way beyond broken in). I'm also custodian of a '55 IH 300 Utility tractor, came from another relative of a relative, and also well worn(some might say abused, there are parts on this tractor that have been broken and re-welded that I can't even imagine how they got broken!). Got a few old cars as well, we're an AMC/Nash family going way back, I currently am running a '67 American and a '70 AMX, both restored, not racers or rods. Anyway, I've got a problem with the Bolens that I hope to be able to get some help on here, once I have the permission I'll start a thread on the main forum. Great site!
Pat D.
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Hello Pat, welcome to MTF. Glad you decided to join us!
Welcome from the Hereford Zone.
Welcome to MTF Pat, we are happy to have you with us, Im a tractor guy but Im a Car NUT. post pics when you can.:MTF_wel2:
Greetings Pat & welcome from southern Md .
I'd love to have a AMX , there was a guy here in Waldorf that had a silver one that was absolutely beautiful . Get us some pics , I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see them.

I'm about 30mi above you guys! Welcome to the forum!
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