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I just joined the forum and found great info here thank you!

A friend told me about a friend of his who has an old hoe for sale that I may

No info just a fuzzy picture...saw it on Friday in the dark at night...took a picture of serial number in the dark.

I thought it was probably an Oliver 550 or maybe a super 55?

I decoded the serial number turns out that the 3 digits after serial number are the code for the trans ( credit to who ever pointed that out in an old thread)!

Turns out it is a 1959 Oliver 550 it is faded CAT yellow and mostly rust but I should take delivery of her in the next week. The guy who owns it said he thinks it has a bad wrist pin but other than that most things seem to work.

The model number is 45-0157
the 0157 is probably what options it has?

Does any one know if they produced yellow 550's?


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I know Oliver was bought by White in 1960...but I think they were all green up until then...I vaguely remember reading that different colors were used after White took them over

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Thank you guys for the fast reply!

In the dark it did not look like yellow paint over green?

If I restore it I tend to think you should restore to original color ( then you buy a 2nd and paint it like a hot rod but that is just me).

I was able to down load the operators manual so that was great!

Looks like a lot of knowledge here!!!
Is there an Achilles heel with the Oliver 550
or a part that if it is bad or missing you can't get.

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Welcome aboard. Come for the info and help, share your experiences. Stay for the camaraderie. I'm going to move this to the Oliver Forum where more Oliver followers will see it and be able to help you with any questions.:MTF_wel2:
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