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New guy from Oklahoma

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:howdy: I'm Jake from southern Oklahoma. I've never really been into tractors, seeing as I've never really needed one, but after I helped someone do some weed-eating, they gave me a Wizard lawnmower with a 14.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. It's not much, but it does run. Getting it to move... That's the hard part! It needs new inner tubes. This one had the anti-afterfire solenoid on it, and it broke several years before I got it, so I took it off, then sealed the small hole in the bolt that holds it on. After that, it fired right up, even after sitting for quite a few years.

Here's the engine. Note the sticker on it- I/C Quiet. It lied. This thing's deafening.

Hopefully I can learn about my tractor and contribute a lot to the forum! :thThumbsU
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Nice starter machine! Glad you joined up. Enjoy your visits.
:Welcome1: JTalley! :howdy:

So you found the Wizard weed-eating!?!?!?!:dunno::trink40:

Looks like it's been around the horn a bit but seems to be restorable.. :thanku: for the pictures!

Enjoy MTF! :trink39:
Thanks for the welcomes!

With this tractor, I'm hoping to fix one thing at a time and eventually paint it. I'm not planning on mowing with it now, I just want to drag stuff out, tow small items, etc.
Welcome to MTF, happy to have you with us.
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