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Hello. I've actually been a member here for a couple of years, but have never posted anything. I'm really into garden tractors.

I currently have a 1991 Ford LGT 14D with 48 inch mower deck and optional power steering and fuel gauge. This tractor is in very good condition.

Will be adding a rear PTO and 3 point to the 14D in near future. (purchasing from my brother who has a 16D with these options.)

I also have a little bit newer (not sure of year) Ford GT75 (16 horse diesel) with 60 inch deck, power steering, fuel guage, 48 in snow blade, wheel weights and chains, and soon to be retrofitted power flow grass catcher from a Ford 1720 tractor that had a 60" 914 mid mount mower on it. This machine is also in excellent condition.

I also have a John Deere 2210 SCUT with loader, 54in belly mower, box blade, and power beyond kit.

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