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new guy from middle GA

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Hey guys I'm new here and looking to post a topic for advice on my craftsman zero turn mower with a briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine. Can someone direct me to the proper section to post a question?

I'm a big car guy and vintage GM vehicle restorer. I do this in my free time but am very passionate about cars. We bought property with 2 acres so I bought a craftsman ZTR and recently had major problems with the engine. I decided to try and tackle this job myself.. have been reading around a lot for advice but now have some specific questions as I am near done with this project.

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So it looks like this is the only page I have access to.. I may post my question here and hope some of you veterans have some advice for me.

Recently cut my grass (all 2 acres of it) no weird noises or issues at all out of my briggs and straton engine. I pull it into the carport after cutting and shut it off, then move my truck out of the way so I can put it into the garage, now the mower will not fire. It spins over freely but no fire. Going through some checks I find out the engine has no compression on both cylinders. Pull valve covers off (on this engine the intake valve is aluminum and exhaust is steel) and one of the aluminum rods is bent pretty bad, the aluminum rod on the other cylinder falls right out when removing the valve cover. I pulled the heads off and the valves were basically rusted to the valve guides & would not budge. I bought two brand new heads for $87 each, a steal in my opinion. Put the heads on and get everything back together and the mower will not fire. only fires with starting fluid but will not continue running. I have around 120 psi compression on one cylinder and around 90 on the cylinder that provides the vent line for the fuel pump. My problem is I am getting no fuel from the tank to the fuel filter or from the fuel filter to the pump or from the pump to the carb. I removed all ruber lines and blew them out with air compressor, no blockages, Also added a new fuel pump.. still no fuel. I believe the fuel shutoff solenoid is not working as I do not hear it click when I turn the key to the on position. I have 12.34V to the solenoid when I hit the key. Would a broken fuel solenoid cause no fuel flow from the tank or should I be looking at the slightly lower compression on that side.

PLEASE help, this is driving me crazy. I haven't cut my grass in two months. I finally gave in to my wifes nagging and paid a landscaping crew to cut the yard for $120 which I was not happy about doing.

briggs Engine: model 445877 Type 0132B1 Code 090407YG
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