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Hello all.
I have been hanging around here for a few months and decided I have to join now, its getting serious.
I got the tractor bug. Growing up on the ranch in Idaho, 1000 acres, cattle, alfalfa, wheat, chickens, dairy cows, tractors were a part of everyday life. Now that I am 57 and living in Southern California, not so much, till now. I have fallen in love with the older garden tractors, although I must admit, my eyes are wondering to things weighing much more than 500-600 lbs.

Yep, I got the bug.
I looked at a 1954 Bobette and 3 early 60's Bolens today considering to buy them. I have everyone I know on the lookout for them. There is a 53 wheel horse I have my eye on as well.

Looking to buy a little farm soon got me on this tractor thing. Before the economy tanked, I was a happy hot rod builder, building motorcycles and cool cars. Before that, electric vehicles and before that, product development and inventions.

I have a small fabrication shop and can do just about anything including woodwork and fiberglass and electrical.

So you see? a tractor is only logical. LOL

Thanks to all of you that have already helped me and thanking you in advance for answering all the stupid questions I will be asking you in the future.
I gotta go read some tractor stuff now.

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Welcome to MTF Jim
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