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Hello folks!

I have owned my Bronco for over five years now. Lived in a trailer on 1/4 acre. Just bought a house on five acres of which at least 3 need to be cut. Takes me a few hours to cut it all.

Over the past five years all I ever did was sharpen blades and change oil/filter. I soon discovered I needed to do more. First thing the steering when sloppy. I replaced the bronze bushing but need to replace some other parts. My deck just started hanging low on the left (no pun intended) and I have never stepped or stood on it. I checked the cable attachments and the hole on the left side might be oblonged a tad enough for the droop. The pins are too long so I shimmed them up with washers, this also helped.

Soon I will need to replace the cracking drive belt and deck belts.

So what else should be done and where is a good source of parts. I check part numbers on the Troy Bilt website and scan ebay.
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