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New from WV

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I've been lurking for quite some time and decided that I'd go ahead and register. I found lots of good information on here while researching a new lawn mower. Thanks to everyone who posts on here because that allowed me to make my choice. I bought a new x520 JD and can't wait for it be be delivered.
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It's always nice to have another Mountaineer on the forums. Welcome.
Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you,

Congrats on the new JDX520; they are great machines! :MTF_wel2: we are glad to have you. There are many friendly and knowledgeable folks here at MTF, so enjoy all the different forums. Click on ”Active Topics” near the top left of the page for all the latest activity. You can also register with other members from your state by clicking here:
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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome and congratulations on the new JD. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for delivery.

Wirtbowhunter, :Tractor2: Congrats on your new tractor! Be sure and post some pics when you get it in. There is a section here on how to upload a pic if you need any help loading pictures.:congrats:
:Welcome1: :MTF_wel2: :ditto:

Wirt county :duh: Been there done that!

Seriously though great to have another mountaineer on board. Congrats on your purchase! I'm sure you're going to love your green machine!
:eek:mg: I forgot :wwp:

It's always nice to have another Mountaineer on the forums. Welcome.
:ditto: that !, Welcome and I take it you are probably in Wirt County ?. I'm in Tyler, good to have you aboard and enjoy the forums and please visit the represented states thread in ya-ya's post above when you get a chance and give ole WV a vote :fing32:
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes!! I am from Wirt County, lived here most of my life!!

Its great that several mountaineers are on here too!!
Welcome to the forum, Wirtbowhunter! :Welcome1: Glad to have you aboard! Congrats and good luck with the new ride! :thThumbsU
:Welcome1: Glad to have ya. :MTF_wel2:
Ex Upshur County guy here :Welcome1:
In VA now (sorta by choice):00000060:
Anyway :goodl:
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