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New from Wisconsin

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Hello, I've been using this forum as a research tool while rebuilding 2 garden tractors. I'm most interested in Wheel Horse. Not interested in restoration quite yet but saving old equipment from the grave. Putting these tractors back to what they were intended to
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Glad to see some one else doing what I do. I presently have 8 "scrap" tractors that I have rebuilt to working condition. About half of them have been dedicated to a chore, (a rototiller, a rake, a mower, and a run around, (tool carrier)). The others are waiting for rebuild and chore dedication. I might even sell one or two. Welcome aboard.
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:MTF_wel2:,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the forums.:thThumbsU
Greetings & welcome from southern Md.

:MTF_wel2: suncountry from a fellow cheesehead!
Hi, Suncountry, and welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here. Nice endeavor you have, saving something from the junk when it can be salvaged. I enjoy doing that sort of thing myself. Have fun on the forum.
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