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New from Wisconsin

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Hello all,

I just signed up for this list after finding reference to it from Yesteryear Tractors. I am just starting to rebuild a 1941 Farmall H, which my grandfather purchased brand new. The tractor sold at auction in 1994. I found it several years ago, but unlike my typical behavior I bartered for several years until I got the price closer to what I thought was reasonable. The tractor changed hands several times until I bought it. The current owner appeared to be attached to it deeply once he learned it was my grandfather's. Patience paid off and it is now in my garage.

The last owner told me that "She has one **** of a knock!" Didn't even try to start it with this information in hand. The engine is on the stand and I have found the center main to be melted. I will finish pulling the crank and cam this week and haul them off for inspection and repair. Then the slow process of body work begins. My grandmother is a young 90 years, so nothing would please me more than riding this tractor into her yard this summer.

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:MTF_wel2: Joe!I just joined myself.Great looking tractor,best of luck on the build.Keep us posted on the build. Bob:fing32:
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