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New from Western NY

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Hello to all. Hoping to find other members or reputable dealers in the western NY area. I have a 420 and recently acquired a 400. I have some questions that I will post soon. Bill
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Welcome to the forum Bill, enjoy your time here. :MTF_wel:

I recommend all new members read The Getting Started Forum while they wait for the site to finish the validation process. During the validation time you may also wish to browse around the site and find the forum(s) which seem to best fit your area of interest.

Again, :Welcome1: and enjoy our forum!
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:howdy: Welcome aboard Bill. Come for the info and help, stay for the camaraderie.:MTF_wel2:
PS: :wwp:
Thank you for the welcome. Not much on computer skills. Will try to post pictures. 420 has tiller, bucket,46 blower, drag,50" deck. 400 came with 60" deck. Tried to mount the blower to 400 and the drive shaft is too long.
Great place, awesome work done and contributions.
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